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Experience in rural, domestic and commercial fencing

Vertebrate Pest Control

Specialising in integrated pest management plans

Weed Management

Equipped for weed spraying and other control methods

Property Maintenance

Able to assist and advise with all your property maintenance requirements

Livestock Husbandry and Mustering

Experience in working with cattle, sheep and horses

Property Management

Property management plans and general farm operations


Fencing is a key part of what we do.


HCB has experience in all types of rural fencing including split posts, post and rail, steel and concrete fencing systems. Advice can be given on different combinations of timber, steel posts, droppers, wire types and mesh to construct a fence which is stock proof, fit for purpose and within the client’s budget. HCB uses quality fencing materials that will increase the longevity of your fence. Our equipment includes a 80Hp 4WD tractor, Munro percussion driver and auger, steel post driver, chainsaws and all the necessary hand tools to get the job done efficiently and safely.


HCB has produced a variety of feature fences on properties for our clients. Concrete post and rail, PVC post and rail, split post and rail, sawn post and rail and colourbond are some of the materials utilised. We take care in creating for our clients a fence or property entrance that will be an asset to be proud of and will last for years to come. Timber farm gates can also be designed and installed to suit your needs.


HCB is experienced in the installation of chain mesh security fences, subdivision fencing, subdivision feature fences/landscaping and colorbond fencing.

Vertebrate Pest Management

HCB can provide for clients:

  • Integrated pest management plans
  • Reactive control measures for vertebrate pests including wild dogs, feral cats, foxes, rabbits, feral goats, feral pigs, rodents and Indian Myna birds
  • Bird netting to control bird populations in commercial/domestic buildings

Heath specialises in wild dog control and is fully trained and accredited to use leg hold traps, 1080 baits and canid pest ejectors as tools in control programs. HCB has conducted baiting and trapping programs for National Parks and Wildlife Service, coal mining companies and private landholders with much success.

Training completed through Department of Primary Industries allows HCB to offer to clients:

  • Monitoring of pest species and densities
  • Implementation of community based management strategies
  • Thorough report writing

Heath has completed training in Australian Game Meat and Handling and has successfully completed kangaroo culls for corporate bodies in the Singleton area.

Weed Management

HCB offers to our clients a range of weed management and control options, including:

  • Property weed assessments
  • Weed management plans
  • Foliar spraying using 4WD mounted Quik Spray Unit and knapsack
  • Cut stump control
  • Basal bark control
  • Manual removal
We are AGF3 accredited through ChemCert Australia to prepare, apply, transport, handle and store all chemicals necessary for weed management. Clients are issued with a Spray Record, detailing chemicals used, weather conditions and application methods on their property.

Property Maintenance

HCB’s experienced team is able to complete a wide range of maintenance tasks including, but not limited to:

  • Slashing
  • Lawn mowing, wipper-snipping, brush cutting
  • Stock grid installation
  • Minor building/structure repairs
  • Trough installation and associated work
  • Poly pipe/water reticulation installation
  • Tree pruning

Our rural and trade backgrounds gives us practical experience and know how in a range of tasks.

Livestock Husbandry and Mustering

With years of combined experience working on rural properties HCB is able to assist all property owners, big and small, with livestock husbandry operations including mustering, marking and drafting.

Past experience includes responsibility for the management of cattle on rehabilitated mine country and the determination of pasture suitability and sustainability through cattle weight gain trials.

Property Management

HCB can provide physical assistance with managing your rural property or inspect/carry out routine operations on properties during periods when landholders are away. We have experience working on beef cattle, sheep, thoroughbred horse, vineyard and pasture production enterprises. Assessing land use capabilities is another area that HCB can assist with.

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