Recent Projects
Concrete Fencing
13 November 2015

This feature fence was constructed using pre-coloured concrete post and rail system in the Seaham area. The timber grain pattern creates a realistic timber look. Concrete has the advantage of longevity – no rot, no termites!

Rural Fencing
19 October 2015

This hardwood, split post fence was recently completed after flooding in the Lower Hunter. It is one of many combinations of wire types, spacings, steel posts and droppers that can be constructed to suit different budgets and livestock enterprises.

Lantana Spraying
15 September 2015

Spraying of Lantana was carried out on this well timbered, sloping bush block in the Singleton area. The Quik Spray unit, with extended hose and automatic rewind makes accessing these areas possible, saving time and damage to vehicles.

Stockgrid Installation
7 September 2015

HCB installed this cattle grid and post and rail fence for a property in the Carrowbrook area. An important factor when installing cattle grids is to consider what potential loads will be travelling over the grid and to purchase a grid which is rated to withstand those potential loads. The 3m hardwood rails used in […]

1080 Wild Dog Baiting
9 July 2015

HCB completed a 1080 ground baiting program for NPWS in the Wollemi area. All bait stations were recorded using GPS and monitored/reset over a four week period. HCB employees are fully accredited to use 1080 and Canid pest ejectors.

Feature Split Rail Fence – Singleton
27 June 2015

The team at HCB have been working hard to create this stunning new fence for clients in Singleton and would like to thank them for the wonderful opportunity it has presented to our business. The fence is a “step back in time”, using split hardwood rails. It was a big job, even with our modern […]

Subdivision Entry
25 May 2015

A simple, cost effective entryway to a subdivision block, created for a Singleton client. The use of permanent wire strainers allows the fence to be re-strained at a later date.

Post and Rail Fence – Singleton
9 January 2015

HCB Rural and Land Management has just completed a split post and rail fence for clients on Thomas Lane, Singleton. The fence comprises of 3 hardwood sawn rails, galvanized coach bolts and ironbark split posts and strainers. The posts were all 8 foot long and sunk to a depth of 3 foot to support the […]